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2-Phenoxyethanol derivatization in ink dating examine optimum quality between PE.

2-Phenoxyethanol derivatization in ink dating examine optimum quality between PE.


2-Phenoxyethanol (PE) is a volatile ingredient contained in the constitution of inks. Following the deposition in a document, they begins to dissipate eventually. This aging techniques probably allow to calculate the date of an ink in a document [ 1 Ezcurra M. analytic options for dating contemporary creating device inks written down . Forensic Sci Int. 2010 ;197: 1 – 20 . [Crossref], [PubMed], [Web of technology ®] , [Google Scholar] ], financial firms a complicated system where PE derivatization with some other derivatization agents and techniques can subscribe to enhance ink dating validation [ 2 Lociciro S , Dujourdy L , Mazzella W , et al. Dynamic of ageing of ballpoint pencil inks: measurement of phenoxyethanol by GC-MS . Sci Justice. 2004 ;44(3): 165 – 171 . [Crossref], [PubMed], [Internet of Technology ®] , [Google Scholar] ]. The purpose of this work is to determine if PE derivatization with MSTFA:TMCS, increase the awareness of this method adding to the evaluation of this ink years for a longer time period.

Items and techniques

To examine highest quality between PE and derivatized PE, a solution of 50 µg/ml of PE got cooked in hexane. The derivatized trial got prepared utilizing substance derivatization with MSTFA:TMCS (95:5) at a 80?C during 30 min. The products are analysed making use of GC/MS with an Agilent engineering 5973 ? 6890 N. GC MEGA-5 MS; 0.25µm, 0.32mm, 30 m capillary column was utilized. Chromatographic research got carried out within the following conditions: injection quantity 2 µl, divide ratio of 2:1 and injection temperatures at 280 ?C. The oven heat program starting at 90 ?C during 8 min, subsequently ramped at 10 ?C minute ?1 to 100 ?C, and risen up to 240 ?C at a rate of 30 ?C minute ?1 during 4.67 minute. The MS testing was done in SIM means, which m/z of PE was 77, 94, 138 and PE-TMS got 151, 195, 210.


The chromatogram effects (Figure 1) revealed that PE-TMS has actually an extended retention times (23.2 min) and a much better resolution than PE (maintenance time of 13.2 min). Conversation and conclusions: This initial research showed a rise for the awareness of PE-TMS. All of our information uncovered that PE derivatization with MSTFA:TMCS, may be beneficial in ink internet dating perseverance and may donate to the decreasing of LOQ. However, most services must be completed. In summary, derivatization is encouraging in the field of ink aging, letting getting sensitivity to approximate the age of an ink, in a long time frame.

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